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Meet Jeff & Nic Trotter.

Raised in Oklahoma with toolbelts around our waists and hammers in our hands, we were naturally inclined to make a living with power tools and hard work. Both of us have experience working on large-scale commercial construction job sites, but have always come back to what we love – smaller, residential projects with heart.

Trotter Construction was officially founded in 2011 by Jeff, and we’ve since built outdoor kitchens, dry-stacked outdoor fire pits, gutted and remodeled modern kitchens and even built a custom home from the ground up.

We have unique talents we bring to the table for every project. Jeff takes the reigns with initial meetings, overall layout and design, keeping attention to detail and ensuring perfection. Nic is behind the wheel as a master excavator and is not afraid to put a little elbow grease into what he’s working on. Our different skill sets complement how we give you that amazing finished project. The level of craftsmanship and professionalism you receive at the price point we provide is a great investment.

We take great pride in the fact we are two born-and-raised Oklahomans and we feel very fortunate that we get to do what we love in a state we love.

Let’s get to work. Give us a call today.

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What to Expect

When you contact us for a project, here’s what you can expect!

Step One: We come over to meet you, review your current space and discuss your dream project.

Step Two: We measure your space, go home and gather information to compile a proper estimate for cost of the project. The timeline for the project is determined and we send over our estimate for you to review.

Step Three: You agree to the estimate, we send you a contract and you go into our queue for work once your deposit has been paid. Depending on our other commitments we may begin right away or within the next few weeks.

Step Four: We begin demolition or construction. You sit back and watch the transformation unfold. Work will be done in a timely, tidy manner. Trust us, we hate dust more than you do.

Step Five: We wrap up the project, you give us a “punch-out list” of things that need minor touch up and we complete items that needed attention.

Step Six: We pack up, clean up and leave you to enjoy your brand new (insert your project here)! You crack open a bottle of wine and toast to the new and improved space.